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Driven by Gravity

Unlike the supply system, which uses water pressure to move water through the pipes, the drain system is installed at a slope and uses gravity to drain waste into the main sewer system. Water draining down a vertical pipe flows more quickly than from a horizontal one. 

Because of this rate of flow, deposits of grease and soap residue build up in horizontal pipes faster than vertical pipes. To prevent deposit build up , all horizontal pipes must be set and run at a angle called the "fall".

The standard formula for calculating a fall is 1/4 inch per foot over the course of the run. An 8ft. run, for instance, would have a fall of 2 inch from beginning to end.

Who's Responsible?

The public sewer system is connected to your home through the main drain line. The main line serves as the trunk for the branch lines. The branch lines are tied to the main system by a large vertical pipe that leads down to the main drain and up through the roof through the main stack vent. You are usually responsible for all repairs on your side of the property line, which includes the service line.

The municipality is responsible for repairs on the lines in the public rights of way.



We often get these plumbing questions and decided we would deal whith as many trades as necessary to answer questions posed to us by our readers.

Draining Away

When waste water leaves a sink or plumbing fixture, it enters a curved section of pipe called a trap. The trap is a U-shaped section of pipe installed between the fixture drain or toilet drains, water is forced through the trap and the drain line that forces water to drain against gravity.

They are often called P-traps or S- traps because of there shape when installed. As the sink, tub, or toilet drains, water is forced through the trap. When the fixture is empty the trap holds the water, creating a seal  to keep sewer gases from entering the house.

Bends are necessary in the branch lines because of the constraints of home construction. Elbows with gradual sweeping curves moves the waste water more smoothly through the system and prevent deposits from building at the elbows.

Cleanouts along the drain lines allow you to auger out blockages. There is probably a main cleanout where the water exits the house. In slab construction, you main find the main cleanout outside next to the house.

Vents Make It Work

With out a constant air supply, a vacuum would be created in drain lines, and waste would not flow from the house.

Air enters drain lines from the vent stack system that extends up from through the roof. Each plumbing fixture should have its own vent line tied tied into the central vent system.

Air pressure also keeps sewer gases from breaking the seal made by wastewater in the drain traps.
If the water barrier in the trap is broken, sewer gases rich in unpleasant smells and potential health  and fire hazards can enter the house.

Proper venting is rigorously enforced in plumbing codes by inspection and fines for violation. Like, drain lines, vent lines can become clogged. If the drain line gurgles or still seems sluggish after augering the main or branch line for a blockage, head up to the roof and auger down the vent to clear out the obstruction.

P-Traps or S-Traps are required by code wherever there is a open drain line that flows into the DMW system, such as from sink, bath tub, shower or washing machine. It is constructed so that a water seal will form in the curve of the trap, preventing back flow of air or gas from the sewer line while permitting free flow of liquids through the system . A toilet has a built in trap.



Escutcheon plates fit around the drain pipe covering the hole where the drain line enters the wall or floor. Where plumbing is visible, such as a wall-hung lavatory, they add a finishing touch. Using escutcheon plates inside cabinets isn't always required but they still help seal the hole. Two basic types are available in both metal and plastic.

Split Ring Escutcheon plates fit around a pipe that already is in place.
Solid Ring Escutcheon plates slip onto the pipe before the drain is assembled.

We want to continue to call with questions about your DIY projects, as local contractors we want to see things Dunrite and are happy you are coming to the site for help.


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